How to Be a Vape Ninja

Sometimes we all just want to have a vape without causing a scene, learning how to become a stealth vaper can save you a lot of hassles! Read on to find out how!

Now that vapers are becoming more and more under the spotlight, it is becoming more desirable when you’re vaping in public to try and fly under the radar. The new FDA regulations, as well as the vaping regulations introduced across Europe, have really muddied the waters when it comes to how the general public look at people who are vaping. Unfortunately, many people in the community consider vaping as dangerous if not more so than traditional cigarettes as well as second hand vaping concerns. It doesn’t matter how ridiculous and unfounded any of these concerns are; sometimes you just want to vape without dirty looks and nasty comments.

There are some good reasons while stealth vaping is becoming more popular:

  • Public Opinion
  • Rules Against Public Vaping
  • Subtle or Discreet Vaping
  • Avoiding Having to Vape in Designated Smoking Areas

Choosing a mod or vaporizer combined with an e-juice or e-liquid that doesn’t produce those massive clouds of vaper might seem counterproductive, but if you want to become a stealth vaper, then this is what needs to be done. Those high-level VG e-liquids are great for big vapor production, but making the switch, only when you’re going stealth, to a higher PG e-liquid could be the answer you’re looking for. We all love our custom mods, but is it worth the hassles when you’re trying to sneak a quick vape in at work? Probably not. Going stealth is an easy way to get your vaping in whenever you want, save the cloud chasing for when you’re relaxing at home!

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