Scrap Metal Prices Hold High – Collect and Cash In

Scrap metal is one the the highly recycleable materials that many people ignore. For the small percentage of those that are reaping the benefit of collecting and cashing in scrap metal the benefits are two fold menetarily and environmentally speaking.
There was a dramatic increase of scrap metal prices back around February 2010 and people are finding it a lucrative means of pulling in extra income or even a full time job. Scrap metal can be melted into reusable metal and right now metal dealers are paying high price for ferrous (iron compound) and nonferrous (metals other than iron and alloys) metal.
“As with any business recycling metals has its ups and downs, it’s a lot like the stock market in that a pile of aluminum sold today could be worth twice as much another day. That’s just the nature of markets like these, but right now it doesn’t look like prices are going down dramatically any time soon” says Matthew Powers, a ten year and full time scrap collector based out of Texas and owner of the website
The website features scrap metal prices as well as a comprehensive guide to getting started with collecting scrap metal.
“Our website encourages people to get involved with collecting scrap metal in their area. Not only does it help clean up their environment but they can make money from doing it as well. You’d be surprised how many businesses will even pay you to come in and remove their scrap metal, and you get money when you cash it in as well”.
Scrap recycling (platinum recycling) is a multi-billion dollar industry in the United States alone and is on course to having one of the highest revenue generating years in the past three decades.

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